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From the moment it began,
I have always found there’s a way to get it done.

It’s been awhile, but I feel like I’m still getting started. I have been lucky enough to work across a whole host of various media verticals. No, seriously. In the last nine years, I’ve been lucky enough to work as a Magazine Editor, a Game Developer, Copywriter, UX Designer, VR Developer, Business Owner, Social Media Strategist, Director, Executive Producer and Media Critic.

While that’s a mouthful, I have engaged with each field in meaningful ways, carrying successful elements to every new project and role. Like I said above, I have always loved what I do. Below you will find a list of places that I have worked. Obviously, this may not tell you everything you may want to know. Feel free to contact me, if you would like to chat about something in particular.

Nov 6, 2018: FAR LEFT: Tarun served as Director and Co-Executive Producer of New York University’s US Primaries Election show.

2013 – PRESENT
  • Founded a guerrilla marketing and media agency specializing in engaging niche groups through meaningful experiences, offline and online.
  • Specialists in brand community development.
  • Notable clients include Nike, General Motors, Victoria’s Secret PINK, Live Nation, Unilever, Ray-Ban, Formula 1, Philips, Toyota.
  • Advising the Dutch publication’s global launch and crowdfunding campaign in USA on UX, content strategy and business models that will champion trust.
  • Prototyping and A/B testing various pitch and design models for campaign launch.
  • Identifying communities-specific outreach and content strategies.

2017 – PRESENT
  • Played a bridge role between the production control room and event staff to take the monthly show, Breakouts, to air and in front of its live studio audience
  • Taking up different roles in production from technical directing to event management.
  • Working with executive producer to develop audience development strategies.
  • Co-teaching a class which focuses on producing a live news/variety show and dealing with script development to marketing.
  • Production management for all NYU Journalism events at 20 Cooper Square.
  • Hosting Adobe workshops and set-up/striking all livestreams and live event staging at NYU Journalism.
  • Worked across CNN IBN’s editorial desks in Mumbai, India to produce (pre & post) live shows and packages including E-Tonight, The Week that Wasn’t, etc.
  • Worked with various anchors and producers to assist in preparation sets and rundowns.
  • Did “time” in the media logging library; logging tapes, ingesting footage and delivering B-Roll for the news cycle.
  • Although now shut, in its prime, this was the Middle East’s Seventeen, focused on speaking to young adults and teenagers.
  • My role included creating content plans, working with writers and managing brand partnerships.
  • I doubled up as the digital editor for the publication as well working with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to coordinate exclusive interviews.
  • The Uth Ventures group including Uth Mag was a digital magazine and content creation agency focusing on targeting the youth in the Middle East.
  • I started of on the media production team and eventually made partner where my role focused on business development, but still retaining campaign execution and media production.
  • Winner of multiple Cannes Lions awards, my short spell as a creaitve intern at JWT taught me a lot about how “big” agencies manage their creatives.
  • Working as a copywriter, I got to experience the pressure of having to deliver copy at the highest level – no matter what the product or the medium.
  • My role included copywriting content and community engagement for a number of clients. I was even awarded employee of the month.
  • Worked with account manager and art directors to service and write copy for clients including Mercedes Benz, Tang, Sony, etc.
  • Managed a team of 14 journalists and producers working on investigating the state of organic recycling in New York City.
  • This was a collaboration between WNYC, The Gothamist and NYU Journalism.
  • Worked on a team with 7 journalists covering the FBI’s first criminal charge on an Initial Coin Offering.
  • My role included working as an editor, photojournalist, scriptwriter and video editor on the various media assets of the project.